DIY Project: Bulletin Board

I saw this photograph a few months ago, and held onto it in hopes that I might get around to making my own bulletin board like the stunning one in this picture someday. Shockingly, I actually followed through! Here's my run-through on this easy DIY project!

The main thing that I loved about this idea was the vintage frame they had used. It was a little tricky to find one large enough (and original!), but I ended up paying $50 for this antique carved frame from My Back Shed. I'm sure some of you are thinking that I overpaid...but once I'm in love, I must have it! Plus, it was already painted?!


I wanted to create contrast by using a patterned fabric, and this green print was perfect! I purchased it from inVU Drapery Co. for $20/yard and have a bit left for a toss cushion or two when I'm in the mood for another project.

Rather than using cork for the board backing, I went to Home Depot for peg board. This way, the fabric wouldn't snag too much over time. For only $4, I had the board cut right there and was ready to assemble everything!

Just glue gun the fabric to the board, making sure the corners are tight, and then glue or nail the board into the frame. I tried the nailing route, until I took a chunk out of the front of the frame because the wood was just too old!

Rather than using boring old tacks on the board, I've found a second life for my stud earrings that have lost their pair. I think the pearls and "diamonds" only make it more charming.

I now have a not-so-cluttered home for favourite quotes, photographs and things that make me laugh (note the doll photograph)! And I don't think it gets any simpler than that...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Jen!
I wish I had the patience/dedication to even attempt a project like this!


Jenna said...

Thanks!! You SO could do it too...remember our crafting days? haha

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