With All This Talk About Morocco...

Morocco seems to be kind of a big deal these days. First, I got a newsletter from GOOP about its amazing hotels and markets. Then the 2010 colour trends referenced their bold colours and patterns. And just to really bring it home, my cousin spent Christmas in Morocco! This must be a sign that I'm going to win a trip there.......ha

When I think of Moroccan design, I see bold and bright colours everywhere, dimly-lit candles and pillows galore. I see silks, mosaics and brass adorning every space - a fine balance between an abundance of colour and the modernity of stucco walls and natural surfaces. Its a very distinct style, one that I love to see brighten the pages of a magazine, but not necessarily in my home.

I've gone a little crazy on the West Elm website, finding item after item that has Moroccan flair without looking out-of-place in North America. They have so many great pieces, and while I know my favourites are little random, just one or two items might be enough to add that characteristic Moroccan "spice" into your home.

[Side note: British stylist (and textile expert) Kate Sellers decorated this incredible room below. I'd love to have a backyard like this - a sky of lanterns, floor covered with jute rugs and all the colours that attract the sun surrounding me. And martinis....]

Speaking of jute rugs....here's West Elm's beauty.

I love this Andalusia rug!
I think this is such an original product - a wood block rug.

Bright silk panels......

Or a beautiful motif-printed sheer.

A truly Moroccan touch for your roman - a bold bead pull.

In keeping with the abundance of pillows - silk agni pillow covers.

If you're crazy about the latest ikat trend, these pillows are on sale, and meant for the outdoors (read: extra durable)!

This daybed would look pretty fabulous covered in all those pillows - even as an easy sofa!
This rustic wood floor mirror is so gorgeous!

Anything mosaic and reflective too, like this antique tiled mirror. Both mirrors shown here come in various sizes as well.

Holy Morocco. Medina mirrored sconces.

I absolutely love these, because they give off the same intimate light that you see in the beautiful ads for Moroccan hotels.

This hammered bowl has the hand-crafted feel that is signature to this style, and adds a reflective metal surface to the space.

These sturdy kooboo storage baskets look like they were just housing colourful spices in a Moroccan market. For me, you can never have too many storage baskets anyways...

All photographs shown, other than those referenced as West Elm Canada product, have been taken from This is GOOP. For further information on these hotels and locations, visit mamounia.com, riadelfenn.com, bo-zin.com and goop.com.

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