Nothing Better than a Great Package

(Oh, how could I resist? I will try to keep all future titles professional...)

Photo from Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Truly though, I find a beautifully wrapped present can be just as exciting to receive as what's inside! I often use Christmas bags to wrap gifts (the eco-friendly approach), but nothing beats a tightly wrapped present with a beautiful ribbon to adorn the top. This year, I think I'm going to take a more "polished" approach and try to put just as much thought into the packaging as the gift.

Photo by Polly Wreford.

On my weekly runs to the art supply store, I always admire the beautiful decorative papers they have on display. (After seeing several magazine shoots with old maps framed as art, I went on a bit of a hunt. Sure enough, I ended up finding a "vintage" map of Paris at Deserres that I love!) Around this time of year, they often have traditional Christmas paper and gorgeous wintry prints suitable for any celebration.

Another great supply store is Write Impressions. They carry a large variety of Cavallini & Co. paper products that make gifts look like a piece of art. Here are some of my favourite products for the season:

Decorative paper combined with fabric ribbon looks elegant and is simple to do, but if you're not keen on sourcing out the supplies yourself, people like Sande Chase will happily do it for you! Formerly an interior designer, Sande opened a A Gift Wrapped Life to offer her professional wrapping services. She has pre-made collections on her website, in addition to small gifts that match the theme. Here are some of her great collections:

Martha Stewart is a great resource for creative gift wrapping inspiration - check out her 74 ideas here. She even has fancy ways to make a gift card looking exciting.

Photos from Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

I love these beaded monogram decorations! What a beautiful keepsake ornament!

Photo from Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

When in doubt, there will always be Kraft paper and long strands of raffia to make gifts something special.


Kathryn Ierubino said...

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thanks for being a follower of my blog!! Much appreciated as I'm just getting started. I LOVE yours, as well! Will be checking in regularly.


Champagne Macarons said...

Beautiful gift wrap! I adore a well wrapped gift, especially in a parisian theme and the one from Martha is fabulous.
xoxo, B

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