The Beautiful Shelter's Favourite Gift

I've started to see gift guides everywhere lately - magazines, websites, blogs, you name it. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel myself, I just want to share my #1 gift suggestion for the year. It is........(drum roll)........

a personalized photo book!

I first saw this idea in the summer, and it is such a professional (and sentimental!) alternative to a photo album. As a gift to her parents, the newlywed couple created a beautiful photo book of all their gorgeous wedding photos. I can't think of a better coffee table book!

I've been wracking my brain for who to make one for this Christmas, but I just keep thinking of reasons for everyone else! The options are truly endless, but maybe you'll find one here that works for you:
  • Someone special will be far away, or unable to spend the holidays with you. Send them your favourite photo memories together (with funny stories written in between, of course...)!
  • If you went on an incredible trip this year, put a book together for those who came along.
  • You're an artist or photographer who wants to share your work.
  • What grandparent wouldn't want a photo book of their grandchildren...
  • Heck, what parent wouldn't want a book of their children.....
  • It's perfect for the person who has everything (or returns everything).
I think the best reason of all (and the reason this gift idea beats out even the best smelling candles and softest cashmere sweaters on gift guides this year, if I do say so!) is its something personal that they will have forever.

So how do you make one? I have found two great photo bookmakers, Blurb and Lulu. Visit their website to download the software, add any photos, art, stories, notes or poems, and let them do the rest! They ship to Canada, and prices vary depending on page length, book size, etc. If I find any other great photo book creators, I'll let you know!

Images courtesy StyleatHome.com, blurb.com, smugmug.com, themombuzz.com, and sugarpond.blogspot.com.


Anonymous said...

You should definitely try Photobook Canada - completely canadian and have AMAZING quality and great promotions. I've made a few books and they are always so great... Making photobooks has become an addiction - and the best part is, Photobook Canada is located just north of the city so you can go in, look and touch sample books and pick up your book from the office instead of paying for shipping.

Jenna said...

Thanks so much for mentioning them! I've found their website (www.photobookcanada.com) and I will definitely go through them, knowing that they're local!

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