Antlers and Architect's Desks

[Note: Unfortunately I'm not as computer-savvy as I thought I was. I've been unable to upload the 3 beautiful Sarreid consoles and chandelier into this post and keep them there! In the mean time, their website has great photos...I'll keep working on it.]

I recently saw this front entranceway in Style at Home, and even though it has a very rustic feel, I really loved it! It's a great mix of distressed furniture, modern accessories and practicality.

I've gone a little crazy "shopping" for pieces that I think would work, so I've divided it into a few versions.

First up.........The Beautiful Replica
This is as close as I could get to replicating their look. Who knew antler chandeliers were so complicated? Apparently you can get just about any animal that has horns made into a chandelier these days, or have it made of resin.......personally, not my favourite look, but after seeing a million antlers in the latest Lonny issue, I'm adjusting. Just go easy, or else you'll end up with a room like THIS. This particular style is made of elk, and available at Antler Art, Inc.

I know I've already stated my obsession with architect desks, but this adjustable console version by Sarreid is the best I've seen yet.

I don't think there's anything more practical than a sisal rug at the entrance way of a house, and these colours from Restoration Hardware are too beautiful!

While I do like the zebra stool, I'm not sure it's something I would do myself. I'm opting for this stunning (and affordable!) print from Ikea to add some drama to the space.For table accessories, a few green plants from Ikea in rustic pots, a bowl for keys and change, and you've just about got the same look!An Old World Entrance
I think the layout Style at Home has used is fantastic, so I've stuck with that but done a french-inspired version here. (I just needed an excuse to bring France up....I'm craving a trip back there lately.)

Again, a beautiful Sarreid console that's based on the industrial campaign style.

In keeping with both my map and France obsessions, Restoration Hardware has reproduced this large vintage map of Paris. Stunning!

I thought this was a great alternative to the antler chandelier - made of bamboo, and by Sarreid also.

Ikea is necessary after spending $2000 on that map.....coloured blown glass vases.
But I can't stay away from Restoration Hardware for too long....

Some Things are Timeless
Again, a Sarreid table that folds into a console, but still reminds me of the original architect's desk.

Classic chandelier and incredible hide rug are from Elte...
Again, an inexpensive print from Ikea! I'd love to see this in an oversized frame.
These branches are also from Ikea, and would be beautiful with the white vases sitting on the floor.

I love love love this distressed leather ottoman for any of these looks (Restoration Hardware). It has such character!

I love lots of table accessories to warm up this look, and Pottery Barn has some amazing pieces.

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