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I must say, there is a strange and wonderful connectedness in blogging; a chain of common interest with people you otherwise wouldn't know.  Even the smallest comment can open the doors to someone's world, and that was exactly the case with Bliss!

Michaela kindly left me a comment last week, and after perusing her adorable blog, I discovered that she is an amazing photographer based in Finland.  The story of how she discovered her hidden eye for photography (and an incredible one, at that) feels so serendipitous.  

Always an arts & crafts lover, Michaela clearly has an artistic streak.  In her early 20s, a friend lent her his pocket camera to photograph some of her work for sale.  Two days later, she had over 600 pictures of not just her work, but daily musings when she brought it along.  And there you have it!  She was hooked, purchased her own Nikon pocket, photographed 200+ photos a day for months and then decided this was a hobby worth investing in.  With a bigger and better camera and lens(es) in tow, Michaela's photography skills perfectly compliment her career as an events designer and manager.  Funny how things work out, isn't it?

The photographs that fascinate me the most are her shots of animals and the outdoors.  Her pieces seem to have a raw radiance to them.  I'm totally in awe of her talent!

To see more of Michaela's work, visit her blog Bliss! or her photography website Pfuipfui Photography.


Modern Country Lady said...

Thanks for pointing out this lovely blog- the pictures are gorgeous!Have a great weekend!!

Jenna said...

So glad you love her work too! Thank you - have a great weekend as well :)

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