Designer Series: Interview with Nina Seirafi

When I first dreamed up this little Designer Series, I never imagined I'd have the opportunity to interview the remarkably talented Nina Seirafi.

Nina is undoubtedly living the 'designer dream', and rightfully so.  After graduating from Parsons School of Design, she hit the ground running and became the sole interior designer for several notable architectural firms.  In 2004, she founded Nina Seirafi Interior Designs and has since designed spaces I can only dream of.  Her incredible talent has her recognized as one of Architectural Digest's Top 100 Designers, which only furthers my gratitude that she would appear on this little blog. 

As you'll see in these stunning photos (plenty more on her website portfolio), her designs appear like a modern fantasy.  The cohesiveness of Nina's spaces leaves me swooning not just for "that lamp" or "that bed", but for the entire concept.  I may just be a twenty-something aspiring designer/blogger, but I truly believe Nina is one of the finest designers of our time. 

And with that, I'm honoured to share her interview with The Beautiful Shelter!  Thank you Nina! Dear readers - enjoy!

Becoming a Designer

Can you tell us about your first job in the design field?
My first real job was an immersion in a big architecture and design firm where I was responsible for the material library and did not even have a chair. I folded as much fabric samples as I could and learned the names of most material companies and left saturated after only three months of it!


What's inspiring you right now?
For some reason I am exploring the whole Hollywood regency style and cannot seem to get enough. I like using hints and allusions in unrecognizable ways in my designs... such as the scale of rooms and furniture, rounded edges and of course the allure of undeniable glamour.


What is your most memorable travel destination?
My trip to a shipyard in Cartagena, Spain! I had always been fascinated with submarines and I got to see a submarine cut in half. It was amazing to see the whole structure exposed, a truly a memorable and inspiring trip.

In House

What are your “best practices” for accessorizing a room?
Accessorizing a room is actually the last step of the design process integral to procuring a perfect and complete room. I always like to use the accessorizing as a tool to emphasize a mood that I have been trying to convey in a room. This mood dictates the accessory list. Beyond the pragmatics of functional, I like to invent creative purpose for items that are not typically found in modern interiors, such as table lighters for instance. One does not need to be smoker to accessorize a coffee table. They are a delightful, curious piece and can be used to ignite both candles and conversation.

Nina's Success

What's next for you?
First a monograph. Then a line of accessories that will hopefully bloom into a line of furniture. What I hope for is to design a cool new hotel project and the inside of a jet!


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

Wow! The rooms are so elegant and glamorous! I especially love those white chairs in the living room and the lighting in the bedrooms!

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Great interiors and very elegant. Also love your new header ;-) Love from London xo

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