Designer Series: Interview with Capella Kincheloe

After interviewing some of New York's finest designers, I thought it was time to spread the "Designer Series" wings and find amazing designers residing elsewhere!  So, I'm anxious to introduce this talented and beautiful Atlanta-based designer, Capella Kincheloe.

Principal of Capella Kincheloe Interior Design, Capella's exquisitely styled spaces are fresh, timeless and sophisticated.  I'm thrilled that Capella's offered up some career and design advice here, and her down-to-earth recollection of her first design job is something I can relate all too well with!

My first “design” job was answering phones for Michael Smith – I needed a way into the interior design field and used the reception desk to propel me from answering phones to jr designer and finally working on my own projects as a designer.  It was a priceless experience and a ton of hard work.

Right now I am inspired by original ideas.  When you see a pairing that you have never seen before, color used in an unusual way, brilliant DIYs, new fabric and furniture combinations that is what is inspiring to me.  The ideas that make you kick yourself for not thinking of it first or those that you applaud for being daring and original.  It makes me smile to think how much talent there is in the world.  We are so overexposed to design we should be searching out the original and unusual and not following the trends.

I love to travel, but don’t really understand why people want their spaces to feel like a hotel.  When I am away from home I would rather my hotel feel like home.  There are so many amazing destinations in the world and I feel lucky to have seen many of them, my favorite places so far are Alaska and Mallorca.  Places next on my list?  Maldives, West Africa and Croatia.

I love decorating and designing any room, but those that are challenging end up being the most rewarding.  I have always loved puzzles and rooms that are oddly shaped or need to serve multiple purposes are just like figuring out a puzzle.  Besides the physical architecture, you can also have clients that create challenges, good challenges that make you think and find original solutions.

So much of my success is thanks to the relationships I have made since I opened my business.  It is so important to be visible in the design community online and locally.  Its amazing how supportive your community can be if you just ask.  

Thank you so much to Capella for some insight into her life as a designer!  Visit her fabulous blog A Curated Lifestyle for more inspiration!


Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

Thanks for having me Jenna!

Ali said...

That headboard is beautiful, and I really love the dresser!
Thanks for following my blog, it helped me find yours and I LOVE it!

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