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It's been a wonderful holiday (with a few days of work in between) and I'm sad to see it's over. Great meals, visits and plenty of relaxation. Unfortunately, I'm quick to get restless on a quiet afternoon and have resorted to a few "time fillers" throughout the holiday that I want to recommend. Hoping you all had a lovely holiday!


As a huge chocoholic (since birth), nothing quite satisfies the urge like a pan of hot, fudgy brownies (or the batter, both of which I love equally).

Martha Stewart's index of the best in brownies and blondies had my mouth watering, and I finally settled on Mocha Brownies. They were delicious and fudgy (I like to underbake them a touch) and I'd highly recommend them!

The other (easy) recipe I recommend is from one of my favourite blogs, This Is Glamorous. Rosaline's Crab Bruschetta was a simple and light lunch!


Back in November, I posted about a little DIY project I intended to get busy with over the holidays. Sure enough, here on my last day (tired of sitting on the pile of fabric samples), I sewed together my first quilt. Fairly rustic (crooked, wrinkly, etc) but it was so easy and I'm actually really happy with it! It's a quick project for those leftover samples that you love too much to part with!

I've also become a bit of an Etsy addict, and I'm so so so excited about my latest purchase! Abby of Infusion Fibers handmakes sustainable bags and I've ordered this beautiful hemp and olive tote from her. So, this really has nothing to do with MAKE on my part, but Abby is clearly a creative genius and I can't wait for this tote to arrive!


I thought about writing down a few New Years Resolutions in hopes of really "putting things into action", but I like to think of the New Year as more of a big picture thing. Not just goals, accomplishments, lists of to-dos, but more of re-centering myself and who I want to be. Last year, I posted a few thoughts on 2010 that I found in an H&M magazine. I still love these words of wisdom, even a year later. This year, I thought I'd share some great words I once found on a Body Shop bag (probably 10 years ago now...how time flies).

Live every moment. Lighten up. Take in some fresh air and sunlight. Dream of harmony. Face challenges eagerly. Look through the eyes of appreciation. Relish adventure. Forgive your parents and cut yourself some slack. Make someone happy. Work for peace. Never be disheartened. Re-invent. Reach. Risk. Refuse, resist, and re-use. Make a wish. Send little gifts in the mail. Accept love. Walk the dog. Surrender. Be silly. Do not wait for the better world. Show respect to your body and the earth. Dance with the stars. Let it go. Expect the best. Know all difficulties in your life have purpose. Follow your bliss. Practice random acts of kindness. Find calm (go there daily). Stand tall. Walk proud. Run after your dream. Learn from the past. Look to the future. Live every moment.


I very vaguely asked my brother for a design book for Christmas, with no specific author or title in mind...and he did really, really well. Blown away well. He picked up Campion Platt's Made to Order that's filled with pages and pages of gorgeous interiors and sketches of the custom furnishings behind them. My growing collection of design books brings me a lot (a lot) of happiness.

{No luck uploading a book cover photo here, sorry!}

Last but not least is a book I pulled off my shelf that I had bought in my second year of university. My boyfriend at the time teased me every time I cracked open this "self help book", but there is plenty to be learned from it. Called Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson, it remarks on ways to approach typical daily challenges, like work and relationships. There is a strong element of religion in Williamson's writing but the meaning of her writing reaches beyond that. She breaks it down with chapters like Being Happy, Feeling Jealous and Learning Compassion, and it's given me (for a second time) some great food for thought.

Looking forward to sharing a more personal Beautiful Shelter this year.
- Jenna


Anonymous said...

1. Your quilt turned out amazing!! You have a secret sewing talent my friend...

2. Awesome find with the bag. Love it.


Jenna said...

Thanksss! Up close, you'd see that it's less of a talent and probably think "oh that's cute" lol And the bag....so excited (esp because I found a promotion on her website...) :)

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Isn't it great what you can sometimes find on random things like a Body Shop bag...great words. I like your quilt, it's really pretty and that book looks like I need to check it out as well ;-) Phew, long post :-D Have a great week ahead, Love from London xo

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