DIY Project

Okay, so I haven't got around to actually making this DIY project yet, but I think it's such a great idea that I plan on making one in the new year!

My Mom recently pointed this article out in her Canadian Living magazine, where a number of easy DIY crafts were listed. She quickly thought of me when she saw a way to use "those leftover fabric samples". Could it be because I have laundry baskets, Tupperware and shopping bags filled with leftover memos that I can't bare to part with? They're in the garage, my bedroom and probably lingering in the trunk of my car. I've thought of making toss pillows, but they're always just slightly too small. But a quilt - they might just be the perfect size!

In whatever colours, patterns or layout you like, Canadian Living suggests sewing the pieces together (here's hoping my minimal sewing skills suffice) and backing it with one large piece of fabric. What I love so much about this idea is it's easy, eco-friendly and every throw is unique. I've noticed a huge trend for "down home" decor lately - country floral, rustic upholstery and flea market collections, and I think this really touches on that. Hopefully I'll get to work over the holidays and have a beautiful throw to share with you all in the New Year! Happy sewing!


Andrea @ Andrea Reh said...

What a great idea! Just discovered your blog through {tig} and would love it if you popped by mine - perhaps we could even follow one another.

Andrea x

Jenna said...

Thanks for the comment Andrea! Love your blog and will definitely follow!

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