The Problem with Growing Up

Stuck in London's Heathrow Airport for four hours on my way home from France, there was nothing I wanted to do more (or could do) then sit down and read a magazine. Or five. So I grabbed a few shelter mags, a few magazines with ground-breaking dating discoveries (lies), and dosily plunked down in a chair in search of new things.

These dollhouse ads for John Lewis (supposedly a large department store in the UK) caught my eye in the UK Elle Decor. As a former dollhouse-obsessed youngin', anything miniature still gets me excited (okay, there are a few obvious exceptions...). I thought it was super clever and decided to google John Lewis when I got home.

Please watch this video, but be warned, it will likely bring a tear to your eye. I'm a closet fan of Elton John, Billy Joel and Don Henley (now outed), so the song choice alone was amazing.

Since their print ad got me all excited about children's toys and gifts ('tis the season), I made it my mission to find 2010's greatest dollhouse. And I most definitely did. This Modernist Dollhouse by Global Home NY makes my 20-something self wish I was a kid again.

Welcome to the Emerson Residence. With six rooms, sliding patio doors and plenty of natural lighting, this home is suited for any little one who can't get enough of playing house. Most importantly, this dollhouse is made of all non-toxic materials, lead-free wood AND (this is a big deal) has solar powered LED lights. Since Fisher Price or Barbie furniture from previous homes will not transition well in this space, Global Home sells coordinating modern furniture.

Oh, to be a kid again!

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