I've got big dreams for this design career of mine; some unrealistic, and a handful more plausible. I'd love to own my own business, design for clients around the world and eventually return to school to teach the next generation of decorators. On the days when I feel like I'm going nowhere fast, I let my mind wander a little and try to remind myself that all things come in due time. Sometimes just reading about a successful designer who has made it to the top is enough to get me back on track again.

Take Kristie Strasen, for example. After 20 years in the design industry, working with the likes of Robert Stern and Barbara Barry, Strasen's ventured into new territory (as of 2006) - textile design. As the founder of Place Textiles, Kristie has extended her knowledge and passion for high-end upholstery fabrics into her own line based out of NYC. Place Textile's signature is their use of colour and texture as opposed to bold pattern. One touch of the fabric below (the photo doesn't do it justice), and I was in love. Its soft, fuzzy texture and subtle use of pattern give it an exotic, earthy feel. Suddenly, I sort of want to be a textiles designer too.

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