Since I'm an Avid Reader...

I seem to have a small obsession with collecting beautiful design books lately. It started with Celerie Kemble's To Your Taste, then Home By Design, then Modern Glamour...and tonight, I fell for another beautiful picture book. I'm sure it has words in it, but truthfully, they will not be read. Unless I don't understand something in the picture.

I have admired Suzanne Kasler's website and design work for a long time (and still anxiously await her textiles collection!). Her interiors are elegant and timeless, and I love the way she uses colour. Bright red books on a shelf, a turquoise vase on a mantel; her look is feminine and clean. There are so many beautiful photographs in her book Inspired Interiors! It is definitely a must-have if you share her style!

Of course, when I'm not drooling over these glamorous design books, they sit openly on my nightstand. Even the bindings are a thing of beauty..........or at least Lonny says so:
If you have the luxury of owning stacks of colourfully-bound books and plenty of spare time, I keep seeing these colour-coordinated bookshelves and stare in envy every time. To me, it's like a piece of art.
Of course, the time and patience this "art" requires is beyond my realm. In these moments, I pile my collection in no particular order and remind myself that being "eclectic" is okay, too.
*Photos in this post taken from Lonny Magazine, Suzanne Kasler, etc.

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Anonymous said...

I love the title of this post!

But really, I LOVE that last picture. Someday I want bookshelves like that in my house. You're invited to come over and arrange the books by colour!


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