Springtime in Paris

France is a place you never forget. Since visiting a few summers ago, I feel like I've been having a dreamy love affair with anything French or Parisian that conjures up memories of that trip.

I was so pleasantly surprised this morning to see that {this is glamorous} had posted these stunning photographs by Liz Rusby. I'm in absolute awe of how beautifully she's captured the romantic mood and soft light of Paris. I can't imagine that there's a place more beautiful in spring than Paris. Sigh.

So if you can't live there, I say bring a little home. French Style at Home: Inspiration from Charming Destinations is an amazing decorating reference by Sebastien Siraudeau. With the same soft lighting that Rusby has so wonderfully used, Siraudeau describes the interior styles of various regions throughout France.

When I first saw a copy on my boss' desk, I couldn't wait to take a quick look through. Now, I can honestly say I've looked at it about 20 times - sometimes for design ideas, sometimes to reminisce; always loving France.

Also - Liz Rusby also has an etsy shop! Check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LizRusby

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