I've Been Lost in the Woods

I realize I've neglected this blog for the last couple of weeks and it's time to get back at it! I find that if I don't REALLY love something or feel excited about it, it's extra hard to blog about it......but I've found something I really, really love again:
I know, you're wondering if I'm crazy, or a bohemian nature-worshipper, or maybe wondering what rock I just came out from under. This Cole & Son Woods wallpaper has been popular for a little while already (I do realize....) but the other day a client requested it for her kitchen and it made me think a little harder about it. At first I wondered if she was crazy, and then I thought this was the greatest (and most original) wallpaper I'd seen in a while.

For something so contemporary and unusual, it's surprisingly versatile. I've found some great applications below...and I promise, next time it won't be two weeks between posts.

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