My Two Cents on Tile

By now, I think the design world has seen enough subway tile. It always amazes me on decorating shows how designers leave themselves scrounging for money when it comes to kitchen or bathroom tiles. Inexpensive and neutral, subway tile creates a clean and practical backdrop for various fixtures and colours, but I always find it's lacking something. Paying a designer to choose subway tile feels like hiring a chef to make Kraft Dinner. Very unnecessary. If it's in the budget, I think we owe client's something with a little more "oomph".

For me, a beautiful back splash is composed of a geometric design and timeless material. See: mini-mosaic and glass, lattice and marble, penny dot and ceramic. What's even more inspiring is when companies like Artistic Tile make tile the showpiece of a room. This glass and carrera weave is the most amazing transitional tile I've ever seen. I want to buy a sheet of it just to have (look at, touch, drool over..).

Equally gorgeous, and I love the installation shown above!

Very Elle Decor, no?

Perfect anywhere near water. I love the movement in this piece.

Amazing back splash for that dark bar in a Manhattan apartment. Art deco? Eco chic? How about a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

Bachelor pad bathroom floor. Enough said.

Out-of-this-world beautiful.

I'm envisioning Morocco meets Bali.

So...how do you feel about subway tile now?

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