No Motivational Speaker Required

I came across this AMAZING office today and can't resist sharing it. Home of UK-based design studio Raw, these creative and talented designers get to bounce ideas around in one of the most sophisticated, interactive offices I've adored in a while.

There's a reason this type of environment really strikes a chord with me. Apart from pursuing an interior decorating career, I really believe that whether or not you're in a creative field, a positive work environment can make the world of difference in the way we work. Forget ergonomics and anthropometrics, I'm talking the balance of group privacy and togetherness, sunlight, airflow, and most importantly, that it reflect the people who work there.

Once upon a time, as an eager graduate desperate for an office job, I was hired by Team America (basically). Perched in my little cubicle, I sat for 10 hours a day with one ear covered (so I could hear the phone) looking out at a sea of heads poking over their cubicle walls. Every three months, we had a seating plan re-org......yes, like in grade 3. When I finally decided that being R2D2 wasn't for me and design was, I traded in my tiny cubicle for a gorgeous desk in a beautiful space. Beyond the hundred other factors behind my increase in happiness at work, working in this bright and open space has truly had an effect. I dress better for work, I'm happier when I come and go, and I often wonder if I'll ever be able to work in a place as pleasant as this. So take note office designers and business owners.....if you're looking to increase morale, forget the corny work conference and start with a fresh coat of paint.

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