I Like To Overdo It

So I booked a trip to Paris. Thought about it a little, then overanalyzed it as I tend to do, but somehow brought myself to make a decision. I figured a few nights near the Eiffel Tower couldn't do any harm. My french however, or lack there of, may get me into trouble.

I have plenty of time to brush up on (or learn) the language, so quite frankly that can wait. First things first. I must train my stomach.

I like to think I've got a little Betty Crocker in me. As a kid, my nut allergy meant that sometimes we had to bring out the cake mix for school occasions and such, but that was fine by me. (Shamefully, I've actually grown to like the batter just as much as the finished product!) That love of baking has stayed with me, and a subscription to FOOD magazine and countless Food Network episodes later, I now feel the need to embark on the finer world of food.

Who better to learn from than Ina Garten? Not only is she the kindest chef on the Food Network, everything she makes has me drooling. So when I found out she had an acclaimed cookbook from her time spent in Paris, I couldn't resist.

Don't these cheese puffs look delicious? All of the recipes in this cookbook look incredible and I'm so excited to try them. Expect reviews on my favourites (seems like the thing to do in blogging lately...). Happy cooking!

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