Visiting London

I have been keen to visit London since I first had a taste of Europe, and the media attention following the Royal Wedding only made me more interested in seeing this historic city for myself. So, first stop: London!

I should mention that the riots were happening just days before we left, and I was, um, nervous. Fortunately, everything was calm when we arrived and the areas we visited had no signs of damage. Just beautiful architecture and lots (and lots) of people!

We stayed at the Andaz Liverpool Hotel in East London, and it was absolutely perfect for our vacation. The hotel had the most incredible scent (which sounds ridiculous, I know, but if I could've bottled it and brought it home...I would've...not for sale.) and was beautifully designed. Formerly a railway hotel, it had all of the modern amenities with an ode to traditional elegance. Perfection. (Any indoor shots here are from the hotel.)

And a delicious cheese platter from the hotel restaurant was the perfect way to finish it off (and spend a little more time surrounded by the beauty)!

I loved London's energy and culture, and can't wait to return.

Photo credit: Jenna @ The Beautiful Shelter

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