Coming to Fruition

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When I was younger, I used to dream about all of the things I wanted to become. I wanted to be a teacher, baker, mother, pilot, architect, dermatologist (that was short-lived), journalist...you name it, I wanted to be it. Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to think with an open mind, and while they probably laughed to themselves at some of my lofty goals, their kind support never ceased.

In all the years, one continuous desire of mine has been to own my own business. It literally started as that, with "but I don't know what in". I just wanted to have control of my own purpose and success. At eleven, a friend and I started a dog walking business for a whopping $2 a walk. Not surprisingly, we were no Olson twin child millionaires, but that entrepreneurial spirit kept me dreaming up new ventures and eventually brought me through business school.

A short time after finishing the program, I realized what that business was (no doubt, a light bulb moment) - interior design. I wanted to design beautiful spaces where people could relax, entertain, raise families and live.

So here I am, finally at the brink of my entrepreneurial venture. After completing the required schooling last year, I am now a Certified Interior Decorator and I'm thrilled to have registered a business - Cadieux Design.

While I continue my day job at an interior design firm, I am happy to be making a personal step in the right direction.  As side projects come to completion and photographs can be shared, I will build the website and share them on here. I am also considering offering online design services, so you may see some of this in the future!

Here's to pursuing dreams!

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