Designer Profile: Interview with Shirry Dolgin

With a modern and inviting portfolio, a Cum Laude degree in Interior Design and an L.A.-based design firm, there is so much to admire about Shirry Dolgin!  After discovering her work on Elle Decor's website, I'm so happy to introduce her as the next designer in this series.  It's always fun to hear about how someone so young attains this level of success, so thank you Shirry for taking part in this!

Becoming a Designer
I started working in the interior design industry as a second career option for me. This may sound funny since I am only 29, but the truth is that I spent all of my youth studying the performing arts. I was always attracted and influenced by everything in design including interiors, products, fashion, art, and architecture….but I never thought I would have a career like I do. I worked very hard in design school and also worked with several design companies before opening A.S.D. Interiors in 2004.

Inspiration is an abstract concept because it can come in the form of people I meet, books I read, art I see, fashion etc. The truth is that I am constantly looking for it and since my radar is open to receiving it, I find inspiration all over the place. Often times I find inspiration going to new coffee shops, clothing stores, or book stores and exploring new places that I haven't seen before....and travel is always a huge inspiration.

My design philosophy has many layers to it. I design my interiors to enhance people’s lives, make rooms contemporary and comfortable, and invest every dollar my client is spending wisely. I also try to make the process as easy and as simple as possible for my client while solving problems and coming up with wise solutions.

I mentioned travel before and it is something I have been fortunate enough to experience starting at an early age. My mother in particular made it a point to have all of us travel nationally and internationally as she believed it would broaden our understanding of the world. And it did! I truly believe it’s the most valuable thing you can do for yourself in a lifetime.

I absolutely love traveling to big cities. I would have to say that my favorite travel destination is Tel Aviv, Israel. I always say that it feels like a mix between Manhattan and Paris! I love it not only because I get to visit my family, but I find that there is so much great energy and momentum from the people and culture there.

In House
As far as choosing a favorite room to design, I think it’s a tossup between the master bedroom and family room. I love doing master bedrooms because of the intimacy and sexiness of a master bedroom. Often times people ask for their master bedroom to feel like a hotel, and I have a lot of fun with that! Second is the family room because it’s usually the most public room in the house. I enjoy the challenge of trying to show a personality in that room which is cool and contemporary but also fun for entertaining!

Your Success
There are a lot of great project, both commercial and residential, that I am currently working on. In conjunction with them, I am writing a new online design book as well as launching a video series on my blog which will help homeowners spend their money wisely when designing their homes!

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