Designer Series: Interview with Eve Robinson

I have no doubt the work of New York-based designer Eve Robinson is going to take your breath away!  Her keen eye for elegant furniture, soothing palettes and powerful architectural elements is truly just the beginning of her talent.  I couldn't resist presenting these photos in extra large format.  

Scattered among these spaces from Eve's portfolio, she shares her design philosophy, greatest lesson and how she got started!

Can you tell us about your first job in the design field?
My first project was working for a childhood friend and her husband.  Their aesthetic was much more traditional than mine but they trusted me.  I have done a total of 5 projects for the clients over the years.

What is your design philosophy?
Less is more.  Don’t overdo anything.

What is your most memorable travel destination?

What are your “best practices” for accessorizing a room?
Choose beautiful pieces and be conscious of color but don’t overdo.

What has been the greatest lesson since opening your business?
Follow up, provide excellent service, and check everything twice.

Thank you Eve!


In Good Taste said...

I love all the gorgeous lighting fixtures - they add so much interest to the rooms! Thanks for sharing this.

Philip Mitchell Design Inc. said...

Great post on Eve. I love her design aesthetic and the super chic rooms she creates.

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